Amazing UK Landscapes

If you want to spend a lovely vacation then we suggest you take the whole family and go to England. If you choose the right places then you will surely relax, spend quality time with your dear ones, and also enjoy stunning views. Here are, in our opinion, some of the most amazing UK landscapes which you should definitely see in the near future.

Derwent Water, The Lake District

We are sure that this is one of the most amazing UK landscapes which will certainly impress you. We are really impressed as well, especially after we saw the pictures of this wonderful place. Not only tourists come here to relax and enjoy the stunning views but lots of photographers as well in order to take some unique shots. Furthermore, you can also go for long walks as the Lake District has plenty of hiking routes. All in all, we believe that you will spend a great time in this place, no matter if you decide to travel alone or with the entire family.

Mayfield Lavender, England

If you love lavender and you really want to see something truly spectacular then just outside of London, just a short drive from the city, a quite unexpected view awaits for you. The vivid and fragrant lavender fields are open to all visitors that want to see them. During the summertime, the fields have unforgettable scents and colors, and in a place like this you will definitely find very easy to relax and recharge your batteries.

Llyn Idwal, Wales

You cannot love this location and its magical views. The small yet beautiful lake is the perfect place to relax and meditate, and that’s why lots of visitors actually come all year round. The lake is easily accessible from Ogwen Cottage by a small path that also offers a scenic hike. The mountains beautifully reflect in the crystal water of this lake creating a surreal view which you will surely enjoy to the fullest. Take the camera with you on this trip in order to capture all the beautiful landscapes.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, England

Bristol is a very beautiful city and the view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge is absolutely spectacular. The massive construction was designed by Isambard Brunel, a notorious engineer, and it is without a doubt a symbol of this city. The bridge is a very popular landmark and attraction in Bristol and we strongly recommend you to visit it if you have the occasion.

Cornwall, England

Here, the turquoise waters attract lots of vacationers every year, and also lots of artists. Some of them come to relax and enjoy the amazing landscapes, whereas others come to take photos or paint. No matter what your passion is you must visit this place in case you have already added England to your to-do list. The idyllic shore, crystal-clear water, and green fields create a magical view which will surely impress you. Nowadays, Cornwall has become a very popular tourist destination with plenty of galleries, low key entertainment, and lovely accommodation.

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