Welcoming Hotels in Chipping Sodbury

Chipping Sodbury is a very nice region of England where you can either go with your partner or with your children as well. Not only you will relax but you can also try several fun and healthy outdoor activities. However, in order to fully enjoy your time spent here you must make sure the accommodation is a lovely and comfortable one. Therefore, we will help you with your choice by showing you in this article a few welcoming hotels in Chipping Sodbury.

The Moda House

This is a charming accommodation where you can spend a lovely vacation. Believe it or not, the property has actually been in the past the Chipping Sodbury’s bank. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided and guests said that the breakfast served here is absolutely delicious as there are used only fresh local ingredients. The hotel is traditionally furnished with beautiful wooden furnishings and also a work desk which is excellent especially for those who are traveling for business. Each room is equipped with satellite TV and facilities for preparing a tea or a coffee. Very close to this hotel visitors can find a large range of shops, pubs, and restaurants. Couples in particular like this wonderful location. As a tip, keep in mind that if you don’t have a partner you can always find an escort in nearly all regions of England. Therefore, just have a look on the internet and find a company that offers this type of services. You can hoose an London escort that you like and take it with you on your trip.

Rounceval House Hotel

If you are looking for a high comfort then you must definitely go for this accommodation. The hotel offers high-quality services and it has free on-site parking. There are several suite rooms, all of them equipped with a flat-screen TV, telephone, desk, tea & coffee facilities, free WiFi, and an alarm clock. The Rounceval House Hotel dates back to the 17th century and the entire building looks extremely nice. You will surely be impressed by the interior which consists of oak beams, original romantic fireplaces, and an oak staircase. There is also a bar where you can enjoy a drink and chat with your companion. If the weather is nice then you can just enjoy a coffee in the garden which is absolutely beautiful. This location is around 12 miles distance from Bristol, and the surroundings are without a doubt amazing, especially if you love nature and to spend time outdoors.

The Beaufort Hunt

Another excellent accommodation in Chipping Sodbury is The Beaufort Hunt. The property has a beautiful garden and a terrace as well. Free WiFi is available for all guests and the rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, a hair dryer, and a kettle for making tea and coffee. Not only this place is very comfortable and cozy but it is also quite affordable, which is perfect for all those who do not have a big holiday budget. The restaurant serves a delicious breakfast with vegetarian and gluten-free options. Bristol is 22 km away while Bath is 24 km distance from the accommodation. The nearest airport is 36 km from this hotel, and it is called Bristol Airport.

We also want to mention that all the rooms from these hotels are equipped with two wedge pillows, in a medium size, for anyone who deals with back pains or acid reflux. This is a huge advantage that other hotels do not offer. As a guest, all you want is to relax, feel comfortable, and rest very well in your room, and this depends mainly on the bedding. However, even if the mattress is not a high-quality one, you can still experience a very deep sleep if using a wedge pillow which will help your body stay in a very correct position with your spine perfectly aligned. Pregnancy can also affect your sleep, and this can definitely be quite disturbing especially when you are on holiday. In order to avoid this unpleasant and annoying situation and just enjoy to the fullest your vacation, it is recommended that the accommodation you book has wedge pillows, just like the locations we talked about in this article.


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